‘social organizations to support govt’s dev programmes’

President Abdul Hamid today urged the regional, professional and social organizations to work along with the government for the development of their respective areas as it is difficult for the government alone to ensure overall development of the country.

“I think regional, professional and other social organizations can play important role in regional development and social reform as the government has limitation and it is also difficult for it to ensure overall development,” the President said while speaking at the opening ceremony of Greater Mymensingh Cultural Festival and Jeafat here today.

Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister and Chairman of Greater Mymensingh Coordination Council Abul Kalam Azad presided over the ceremony. Convener of the Greater Mymensingh Cultural Festival M Hamid, Rashedul Hasan Shely and Mostaafa Zabbar spoke on the occasion.

Abdul Hamid said greater Mymensingh has a long colourful cultural heritage and this area is also the birthplace of renowned educationists, politicians, cultural personalities and social workers.

Among the many cultural and social events, Jeafat or Jefat is important one as it creates an opportunity for all to enjoy feast together, he added.

The President said the government has already declared Mymensingh as division and extended his thanks to the Prime Minister and the government as a resident of greater Mymensingh.

He hoped that with the implementation of division, development activities for Mymensingh will be expedited.

He said development and democracy are complementary to each other and participation of the people in development process helps expedite the development activities. He hoped that the Greater Mymensingh Cultural Forum and Coordination Council would continue to play role along with the government in the development of Mymensingh.

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